Synapse - a site of communication between neurons

Synapse Neuron IDs

Original Neuron ID:  4966884161088437903 

New Neuron ID: 5553849921138062661 (recommended)

If you choose to follow the Synapse neuron, then we recommend you follow our new neuron ID because it is controlled by many of our voting members.   The original neuron ID will continue to be supported, but it was created with the NNS dApp and an internet identity.  A greater degree of decentralization is achieved with our new neuron ID.

Synapse Manifesto

The Voting Members of the Synapse neuron are committed to voting in the long term best interest of the Internet Computer.  We are a balanced mix of well known IC enthusiasts, investors, developers, and DFINITY Foundation team members.  We each bring our own priorities and biases to this neuron and we unapologetically vote on each proposal with our own convictions.  We are independent thinkers with a diversity of principles.  Therefore, we have no unified ethos or principles that we can offer to the community.  If you need to know how our neuron will vote on any specific topic in order to follow our neuron, then we recommend you follow one of the many other named neurons in the NNS or some of the individuals named for the Synapse neuron.  

We provide a service to the IC community as well educated, well respected, and active members of the community.  We are not asking you to follow us, but you are certainly welcome to if you believe that is in your best interest.  However, we are not responsible for your vote.  Please be intentional about who you follow and know that if you delegate your vote to a named neuron then they may occasionally vote different than your preferences.  This is a natural consequence of liquid democracy and you are responsible for making sure that your vote is cast in a way that is acceptable to you.  

Our diversity of thought and background is intended to typify a cross section of the IC ecosystem and each voting member, at our individual discretion, has published personal voting tenets in the Voting Members section of this website.  Many of us routinely engage with the IC community in discussions about governance topics using a wide variety of social media platforms, but this is not a requirement to be a Voting Member.  We publish the configuration of our neurons on this website on the Neuron Configuration pages, which is subject to change as needed when our team changes over time.