Synapse - a site of communication between neurons

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Synapse was the first community based, public known neuron to be listed in the NNS dApp for the Internet Computer. It was originally called the ICP Maximalist Network neuron, but was later renamed to in order to dissociate NNS governance and politics from the ICP Maximalist brand.

ICP and the NNS

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) is a decentralized, infinitely scalable blockchain that is capable of hosting smart contracts that serve webpages. The Network Nervous System (NNS) is the system of governance that is used to actively make decisions on updates and automatically implement the updates that are adopted.

One of the basic principles of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) blockchain is decentralization. This is achieved in governance by having a large voter turnout and a high diversity of voters. Since it is not practical for everyone to vote every day on all topics, the governance system is designed to allow liquid democracy. This means that neuron owners are able to select Followees for specific topics in order to allow those individuals or organizations to vote for them.

Synapse Manifesto

The Voting Members of the Synapse neuron are committed to voting in the long term best interest of the Internet Computer. We are a balanced mix of well known IC enthusiasts, investors, developers, and DFINITY Foundation team members. We each bring our own priorities and biases to this neuron and we unapologetically vote on each proposal with our own convictions. Our diversity of thought and background is intended to typify a cross section of the IC ecosystem. Many of us routinely engage with the IC community in discussions about governance topics using a wide variety of social media platforms, but this is not a requirement to be a Voting Member.

The Synapse neuron will be configured with up to 15 Followees for the Governance topic. It is currently configured to follow DFINITY for All Topics Except Governance, but we reserve the right to configure Followees for individual topics in the future when we determine that there are suitable experts in the ecosystem. A core principle of this neuron is that it can be trusted to always vote on all proposals. We actively monitor our participation in all Governance proposals to ensure the neuron votes. Anyone can monitor our voting patterns as well using the website.